This is dedicated to two special young men: Nghia and Toan. Nghia died on Sept. 27, 2017, and Toan has been in the Da Nang Hospital ICU ward since September, 2015. Their mom has slept now for these years on the walkway outside and feeds and tends everyday to Toan, who is quadriplegic. Some American doctors thought that it might be ALS disease. May God be with them. … I Love Them … : )

I want to give my special thanks to my wife of 34 years who died in 2010, and who encouraged me in her final days to return to Viet Nam and finish this work. Moreover, because of her, I now have a new lady by my side whom I married while in Viet Nam. Both have shown great patience and support to me. I have the greatest love, respect, and appreciation for each.