The Da Nang Association for Victims of Agent Orange (DAVA) works daily and directly with about 150 young people giving them day care and in some cases 24-7 care and transportation.  For those who are physically able, they are taught basic skills in sewing, gardening, making incense sticks, and taking care of their personal hygiene.    There is also an outreach program to hundreds of families around the province of Quang Nam and the City of Da Nang.  This effort provides some food items but also will assist families to start a small pig farm operation with two piglets.  The young piglets may cost about $15.   After breeding brings in more little ones, and after six months of feeding the piglets can be sold for about $90.   DAVA is one of the independent arms of the national Vietnamese Association of Agent Orange Victims (VAVA).  It is primarily dependent on donations and annually has fund raisers.  The highest monthly salary in DAVA is the equivalent of $200 US,   The employees are dedicated to these handicapped kids.